Sales & Marketing

Lifestyle Business Define & Design Program


This intensive 8-week program takes you from dreaming to doing!


  • Together we’ll figure out what your ideal life looks like. We’ll then design a business model around your life
  • We’ll create the vision, mission, values and culture of your “Lifestyle Business”


Marketing Plan – online and offline. Who do you want to work with and how will you reach them? What is your message? We’ll figure this out based on your strengths and passions… and what you like doing.

Sales Plan – Where will your leads come from and how do you turn those leads into clients? We’ll create a strategy and system for that. You’ll have an action plan that will be a blueprint for your day to day activity. You’ll be spending your energy, time and focus on the things that will bring you the most return.

Implementation Plan – A plan is useless and a waste of time and money if it’s not executed properly. We’ll determine what procedures, systems, tools and resources you’ll need to make this happen.


  • This is where the rubber hits the pavement! We’ll look at your activity in terms of the 4 pillars of time management - focus, time, energy and tools, and develop strategies in these areas to ensure that you get the right things done!
  • We’ll create a system of accountability to ensure your follow through and ongoing support.