Productivity & Accountability

Do It! Program

​This is where the rubber hits the road!

Most people agree that getting things done is the most important aspect of any strategy, plan, action list. But the truth is, many of us are spending our time on “busy work”, and checking off boxes on a to-do list. We’re not spending our time on the activity that matters most – the activity that will help us reach our big audacious goals.

We’ll look at your activity in terms of the 4 pillars of time management – focus, time, energy and tools – and develop strategies in these areas to ensure you get the right things done!

We dig deep… What should you do, delegate, defer or dump? And how do you make all that happen?

We’ll create a system of accountability to ensure your follow-through and ongoing support.

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Do It! Accountability Coaching

A plan is nothing without implementation and accountability!

I provide you with focus... on an ongoing basis. We’ll work together to know what comes next so you’ll never feel like you’re lost or have dropped the ball.

​Here are the results you can expect to achieve through accountability coaching:

  • Create on-going challenging but realistic goals based on your overall objectives.
  • Set measurements and timelines for success.
  • A solid focus on where you are and what happens next at any given time.
  • Consistent monitoring of progress and where your time is being spent.
  • Ongoing encouragement, support, inspiration, motivation, expert advice and a resource.
  • Challenging you to reach beyond your comfort zone and get on with the important work.
  • A constant fresh and objective perspective.
  • Accountability coaching makes you more productive and creative.
  • Fewer limiting beliefs – silence the “gremlin” within so its attempts to feed your mind with negative thoughts and attempts at discouragement become futile.
  • More positive “correct action” and less procrastination.
  • Accelerated business growth.
  • Email and phone access to answer questions, brainstorm or strategize at any time throughout the month, between regular coaching calls.
  • 60-minute phone consultations weekly.
  • Email and phone access throughout the month.